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and create your own custom-made cables for your Hi-Fi System

Ricable Custom - Hi-Fi at your place

Have you ever needed a "tailor-made" cable to design the ideal hi-fi system for your home?

Ricable Custom was born with the aim of offering the highest quality cables guaranteed for life, like Ricable, giving you the chance to finish them yourself. You can choose your own cable length and connector type to create the right cable for what you need.

Our philosophy has as its fundamental principle the perfect balance between Performance, Aesthetics and Price. From this derives the quality factor which for us represents the maximum index for the choice of a cable.

There are also some advantages on Ricable Customthe website, such as

  • Lifetime Warranty Activation is Automatic.
    (those who buy elsewhere must come to the site and register their purchase at a later date).
  • Our Direct Chat Support below. You can ask us what you need to know when you want, we always answer as soon as possible.
  • The special Satisfied or Refund Guarantee.

Watch Tutorials

we provide you with all the instructions to correctly assemble each of our cables

Custom brings home certified quality products

The production processes of Custom products are rigorous and monitored in every aspect. In addition, thanks to tight quality control, each product Ricable Customhas the highest production standards, guaranteed for life by Ricable.

ce bronze guarantees
warranties bronze ROHS
endless bronze guarantees
FCC Bronze Warranties

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and create your own custom-made cables for your Hi-Fi System

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Connect Your Passion.

Ricable mainly produces high quality, handcrafted and Made in Italy terminated cables. You can find them on the website, together with the advantages that customers have learned to love, such as the Lifetime Warranty, free return, used cable exchange and exclusive promotions. In addition to the timeless support, constant and direct.