Cover YouTube tutorial power cables guide part 1

How to build a Hi-Fi power cable? New Ricable video guide

How to build a Hi-Fi power cable? After the tutorials on how to build a cable Speaker e a signal one, here we come to show you how to assemble a Hi-Fi power cable entirely on your own. With this latest video tutorial, divided into two parts and available on the Ricable YouTube channel, we thus cover the request of the majority of DIYers and audiophiles, that is, those who, at least in structure, have a "simple" system, thus consisting of source, amplifier and speakers.

Cleaning and welding

The first video on how to build a Hi-Fi power cable focuses on cleaning and soldering the cable. We remove a piece of sheathing and peel off the braid. We now remove the cotton cord insulation and the aluminum foil covering the conductors. We can now strip the conductors, cutting the dielectric. We wrap the red and white conductors onto themselves, while the green conductor we wrap together with the ground wire. Thanks to this configuration, the captured interference will flow into the grounding of the electrical system. Now we can move on to soldering the conductors. Finally, we cut a piece of heat shrink tubing to the size of the conductor and heat it on the green wire.


The second part of the guide focuses on connections. First, we also clean the cable at the other end; here we will apply the IEC connector. At the side with the ground joined to the shield we will install the Schuko socket. We unscrew the shell and remove the rubber gasket. After other preliminary operations, our connector is ready. For convenience we run the shell through the cable and later strip the conductors. Now we install the IEC socket following the directions: line, neutral and ground. We bring the shell to the connector and tighten all the screws. On the other side we install the Schuko, paying attention to each conductor. We finally tighten the shell with all the screws.

Here is our power cord

After having made a Speaker cable and a signal cable, today we have completed our very personal "trilogy" with the power cable. Be sure to click on the button below, thanks to which you will be immediately catapulted to the Ricable YouTube channel. By selecting the button further down, however, you can take a quick look at the entire catalog Ricable Custom.

YouTube cover signal cables part 1

How to build a Hi-Fi signal cable? New Ricable playlist available

How to build a Hi-Fi signal cable? The video content available on the Ricable YouTube channel is constantly increasing, and the last two videos posted are dedicated to building a DIY Hi-Fi signal cable. After showing you through and through how to build a cable Speaker, today we publish an article that collects video tutorials about assembling a signal cable, also one of the cable types that is in vogue.

Cleaning and welding

The first video on how to build a Hi-Fi signal cable focuses on cleaning and soldering the cable itself. We then begin by removing PVC and shielding. After that we need to cut out the polyethylene tubes, being careful not to cut away the conductors. The last components to be removed are the silicone semiconductors that cover the dielectrics. We continue the operation by stripping the conductors and, after a series of other operations shown in the video, we repeat what we did on the other side of the cable, with the difference that this time we will not keep any part of the braid. This is just one type of the possible configurations: the semi-balanced one.


The second installment of the Ricable Custom series on signal cables focuses on connections. Before proceeding with the connectors, however, it is necessary to string the cable, in the exact same manner as the Speaker cable in the first series. We prepare the connector for proper installation. We now insert our cable by bringing the red conductor inside the tray, making sure to bring the cable all the way down. We bring the ground wire between the two loops; the transition is identical for each connector to be installed. Now it is time to solder the conductor. Having finished the procedure following the tips and directions suggested in the video, we complete the cable by screwing the shells onto the two connectors.

Here is our signal cable

After having made a cable Speaker, today we can say that we have also made a signal cable. We look forward to the next tutorial, which will focus on building a power cable, on the Ricable YouTube channel, which can be easily reached by clicking on the button below. By selecting the button further down, however, you can take a quick look at the entire catalog Ricable Custom.

Ricable Custom speaker cable part 1 tuorial YouTube

How to build a Speaker Hi-Fi cable? Ricable video tutorial available on YouTube

How to build a Speaker Hi-Fi cable? Subscribers to our newsletter may have noticed that for some time now Ricable has begun posting on YouTube video content. Regarding the brand Ricable Custom, the videos mainly consist of step-by-step tutorials you can follow to build the Hi-Fi cable you want at home. Filled with tips and warnings, we are sure they will be a great resource for newbies as well as a pleasant review for veterans. The first playlist of videos, already fully posted, is the one devoted to Speaker cables or speaker cables.

Cable cleaning

The first video about how to build a Hi-Fi speaker cable Speaker is dedicated to cleaning it (in this case we are talking about the cable Custom Speaker H6S). Before moving on to the full-fledged assembly phase, in fact, we will have to carry out a series of preliminary operations, aimed mainly at removing superfluous components to leave the conductors "free". This is an important step and one that should not be underestimated, having to pay attention to what is done with the tinned copper braid and nonwoven fabric. Finally, care must be taken in removing the PVC insulating tubing, not to be confused with the black conductor. With that done, one must move on to cable stringing.


The second episode of the Ricable Custom series on cables Speaker focuses on cable pressing. The socks we will use, taken directly from the Custom catalog, are double polyethylene, traced and spun. With these we have to pay proper attention when we get to the cable, so as not to push or pull the sock and thus ruin it. In this regard, the correct technique to use is the "worm movement," which is well illustrated in the video shown here. To finish the cable pressing operation, we will use a thermal blade by cutting along the edge of the insulation tape, applied earlier to hold the mark. We can then proceed to the third and final step.

Finishes and connections

All that remains is to move on to the third and final phase of the video tutorial, focusing on finishes and connections. The first finish applied is the "Y" shaped rubber sleeve, which is useful to protect and stabilize the conductors. For the second finish, it is good to use a heat shrink sleeve that will block the sleeve. Finally we complete the work with a heat gun, without exaggerating with the temperature to avoid causing damage, and a cable stripper to remove a part of dielectric; after that we can apply our banana connections. Alternatively, we can use a different termination, namely the fork, this one, however, not currently in our catalog.

Here is our cable Speaker

Our Hi-Fi speaker cable is finally ready for use. It only remains for us to wish you good listening with your latest realization and to invite you to follow the upcoming productions that will be posted on the Ricable YouTube channel, which can be easily reached by clicking on the button below. By selecting the button further down, however, you can take a quick look at the entire catalog Ricable Custom.

colored heat shrink tubing

Heat shrink tubing Ricable Custom now available

Another piece is added to the mosaic Ricable. We are talking about the heat shrink sleeves Ricable Custom, which also find application in the Hi-Fi field and are distinguished, in full Ricable tradition, by a higher quality than normal.

Heat shrink tubing for Hi-Fi cables. Where and how are they used?

Why use a heat shrink sleeve and in what context to do so? The areas can be reduced to three if we are talking about Hi-Fi, thus excluding its normal use with electrical cables:

  • Identification
  • Insulation
  • Finishing
custom ricable heat shrink tubing

Let's take a step-by-step look at its meaning. Let us preface this by saying that the area of reference is always that of wiring (both that which connects the electronics and that which consists of the cables that connect the components of the electronics themselves). By identification we mean a use of sheathing that involves sheathing different cables with different colors so that they can be distinguished at a glance, especially when we are about to build cables with anonymous connectors-think of the distinction between "left" and "right" within a signal cable. Insulation is the function of separating one conductor from another within, say, a power cable. With trimming, finally, we think of how a shrink sleeve can be an absolute aesthetic plus for our DIY Hi-Fi cables, so as to finish a product "of a certain type."

Regarding the application of heat shrink tubing in a practical sense, it is very simple. Having taken all the necessary measurements (i.e., those of the diameter of the cable and the relative sheathing), it will only be necessary to slide the sheathing over the junction point you intend to insulate. At this point it will be a matter of heating the sheath with the heat gun with temperature from 84 to 120 °C, until it shrinks and forms a tight winding around the junction.

custom ricable heat shrink tubing

Heat shrink tubing of all sizes, with superior quality

Shrink sleeves Ricable Custom offer wide choice in both form and substance. The first differentiation is that they come in shrink ratios of both 2:1 (thus 50 percent) and 3:1 (about 66 percent). In addition, all major requirements in terms of size are covered. They range from 1 mm internal diameter of the phono cable of the turntable to 30 mm of the Speaker and power cables in the case of the 2:1 conduits.

In the case of the 3:1 ones, the sizes range from 3 mm to 39 mm. What is the parameter that at the level of heat shrink sleeves distinguishes the poor one from the quality one? In the case of the conduits Ricable Custom is the material from which they are made. It is, specifically, high-quality cross-linked polyolefin. This feels rubbery, not "plastic," to the touch, and provides superior flexibility, especially if we are talking about the conduits with a 2:1 shrinkage ratio. Alongside these two features are other advantages typical of premium products, such as excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion and burns, as well as CE, RoHS, UL, SGS and FCC certificates.

Heat shrink tubing Ricable Custom: where to buy it?

At the best price and with as many benefits as possible, the answer is: Ricable Custom. Last but not least: 3:1 ratio heat shrinkable conduits come only in black coloring, those with 2:1 shrink ratio offer a few more solutions. Those who like to wire in style can also choose the red and white ones. Especially the latter is perfect should you need to note something on it with a marker. If you would like to find out about the new heat shrink sleeves Ricable Custom, also in their matching kits with socks, all you have to do is click the button below.

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Music never goes on vacation: Ricable Custom will remain open all August

Music never goes on vacation, and therefore Ricable Custom will remain open throughout the month of August. So many of you are asking us, and we felt it was only right to reiterate this with a tailored post. Therefore, our main services will remain in place, namely:

  1. Order fulfillment on the sites, e
  2. Sales and technical support via phone, email, WhatsApp and online chat
  3. Pickup at our office during scheduled hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), subject to telephone or written confirmation

We wish, to all those who are going, happy vacations. Instead, we invite others to write or visit us, while respecting all regulations related to the Covid-19 pandemic health emergency, which still provides for a state of emergency. Each shipment will be made with the care and celerity that are the hallmark of Ricable Custom; it will also be prepared with all necessary measures so that it is packed in a sterile and sanitized environment.

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Coronavirus situation Ricable Custom (updated March 12, 2020)

Ricable Custom is open. We inform, regarding the situation that has arisen as a result of the spread of the coronavirus, that we guarantee the following services to customers:

  1. Order fulfillment on the sites, e
  2. Sales and technical support via phone, email, WhatsApp and online chat

To protect our employees, we have established an extensive agile or smart working environment and implemented maximum security in the production unit. This is in order to be able to ensure adequate service for the emergency situation. Until a date to be determined, for safety, we have closed access at our plant to any person who is not part of our preventive plan. This will not be possible:

  1. Pick up orders at our office
  2. Go to our office for any reason

In spite of the Covid-19 emergency, we have decided to continue our activities in a reduced but equally effective form, complying with all the preventive regulations specified by Dpcm 11/03/2020 to protect our employees and customers. Given the changing situation, we will keep you updated in case anything changes.


Ricable Custom: not only e-commerce, but also guides for DIY and Hi-Fi installation

Ricable Custom is finally online to the delight of all DIYers and Hi-Fi installers. The site was created with the aim of offering cables of the highest quality, giving you the opportunity to finish them yourself. You will be able to choose for yourself the length of cables and the type of connectors to create the cable best suited to what you need. Our philosophy has as its fundamental principle the perfect balance between performance, aesthetics and price. From this comes the quality factor, which is the highest index for choosing a cable. Ricable Custom is the most comprehensive site for Hi-Fi DIY.

First-rate catalog and warranties for DIY Hi-Fi construction

Custom Power S8P - Hi-Fi Audio Power Cable 3 x 8 mm² Triple Shielded AM-RCC

The catalog includes everything a DIYer can expect, including speaker, power, signal, coaxial and HDMI cables, all by the meter. Spikes, cable socks and a wide variety of accessories complete the picture. At Ricable Custom you can also find all warranties already appreciated in Ricable, such as the statutory two-year warranty; the lifetime warranty (which is automatically triggered if you make your purchase on this site, while it is super easy to activate if you buy in a physical store-such as a from the many authorized dealers - or another digital store); the "money back" one , for which you can make a free return (again, this is a service exclusive to those who buy directly from the site). Finally, unfailing is our constant support, available at any time by opening a report ticket from your control panel or contacting us thanks to the chat that can be activated in the lower left corner of the screen.

Supporting articles and video tutorials coming soon on Ricable Custom

The production processes of Custom products are rigorous and monitored in every aspect. Moreover, thanks to tight quality control, every Ricable Custom product has very high production standards, guaranteed for life by Ricable. This is why we offer the best choice to so many potential customers, which can be divided into four major categories:

  • Private DIYers eager to build their own Hi-Fi or home cinema cables.
  • Hi-Fi installers looking for cables that can have easy access in conduits and perform well even when dealing with rather large distances.
  • Event setters, who handle instruments that need specific treatment at the wiring level so that the event being set up is not a flop.
  • Car audio enthusiasts who want cables capable of adapting to a particular context such as the automobile.

Ricable Custom is a site dedicated to Hi-Fi DIY, however it aims to go beyond the usual e-commerce site, not only supporting the customer after a problem has arisen. But also before, in the process, when the DIYer is at work on what he has purchased. How? Through numerous and varied guide articles that will be published over the coming months, accompanied by illustrative videos to guide you step by step in the execution of what you intend to do. Now there really is nothing left to do but to throw yourself headlong into exploring all the products at Ricable Custom to check if there is anything you might need!