What are
the advantages
of being a customer
Ricable Custom?

What does it mean to be a customer Ricable Custom?
We usually prefer to be talked about by
the enthusiastic reviews of those who have already chosen us,
but there are still objective reasons why
an audiophile should rely on the DIY division of our brand.
Think of the return period
extended up to 60 days and the possibility of registering
Lifetime Warranty, for example.
But we also offer the opportunity to customize your Hi-Fi product through ongoing and versatile support. Finally, let's not forget shipping, free and very fast, as well as the quality
underlying any product Ricable Custom,
all derived from Ricable's premium terminated cables.
In short, between social networks, articles, Facebook group and every other communication method
you can think of, we try
really hard to be close to those who believe in us,
around the clock.
Getting into homes, into Hi-Fi systems, and sharpening that emotion that only music can give, makes us infinitely proud.

free icon return

If you buy on Ricable Custom, you have 60 days to decide whether to keep the product or return it. In this case, we come and pick it up free of charge.

heart icon

If you decide to keep our Hi-Fi product, you will enjoy the special Lifetime Warranty. If it becomes defective, even after twenty years, we will repair it for you free of charge and no freight cost.

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We are always there, especially if things don't go right. You really can find us anytime , By whatever method you prefer.

customization icon

We are artisans and we package your cable or Hi-Fi accessory here in Italy. Because of that, we can custom make it for you. Just ask us.

icon derivation

Custom products are not the same as those used to make Ricable terminated cables, but directly derived. Top quality, even with DIY.

shipping icon

Shipping to Italy is free from 50 euros and up. Waiting times are, moreover, very short: you will not have to wait more than 24/48 hours before receiving your order.