How to build a Hi-Fi signal cable? New Ricable playlist available

YouTube cover signal cables part 1

How to build a Hi-Fi signal cable? The video content available on the Ricable YouTube channel is constantly increasing, and the last two videos posted are dedicated to building a DIY Hi-Fi signal cable. After showing you through and through how to build a cable Speaker, today we publish an article that collects video tutorials about assembling a signal cable, also one of the cable types that is in vogue.

Cleaning and welding

The first video on how to build a Hi-Fi signal cable focuses on cleaning and soldering the cable itself. We then begin by removing PVC and shielding. After that we need to cut out the polyethylene tubes, being careful not to cut away the conductors. The last components to be removed are the silicone semiconductors that cover the dielectrics. We continue the operation by stripping the conductors and, after a series of other operations shown in the video, we repeat what we did on the other side of the cable, with the difference that this time we will not keep any part of the braid. This is just one type of the possible configurations: the semi-balanced one.


The second installment of the Ricable Custom series on signal cables focuses on connections. Before proceeding with the connectors, however, it is necessary to string the cable, in the exact same manner as the Speaker cable in the first series. We prepare the connector for proper installation. We now insert our cable by bringing the red conductor inside the tray, making sure to bring the cable all the way down. We bring the ground wire between the two loops; the transition is identical for each connector to be installed. Now it is time to solder the conductor. Having finished the procedure following the tips and directions suggested in the video, we complete the cable by screwing the shells onto the two connectors.

Here is our signal cable

After having made a cable Speaker, today we can say that we have also made a signal cable. We look forward to the next tutorial, which will focus on building a power cable, on the Ricable YouTube channel, which can be easily reached by clicking on the button below. By selecting the button further down, however, you can take a quick look at the entire catalog Ricable Custom.

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