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Ricable is the first Italian manufacturer of Hi-Fi cables that gives you the certainty to buy the right product for your system!
the right product for your system!

How is that possible?

You know very well that each Hi-Fi system is a unique system. The variables are almost infinite if we consider its components, the listening room, the models of the electronics, the cabling and much more. You might have a doubt: will our cable be suitable for your audio chain? We've thought of a solution that will allow you to choose your ideal product with peace of mind, avoiding the surprises of a closed box purchase.

For orders placed through, you'll have the chance to test your products for up to 60 days and, if they don't satisfy you, you can ask us for a return or replacement with another product, all completely free and fast, handled by our courier. Being an audiophile means nurturing a particular passion that deserves specific rhythms. We want to give you all the time you need, so that you can carry out all the tests you consider appropriate.

The certainty of being able to return the product without spending a euro. Always.

Ricable firmly believes that customers have the right to be 100% satisfied with their purchase, without having to spend an extra euro if they decide to return the product if they don't like it. With a trial period that goes well beyond the 15 days required by law and extends to 60 days, exclusively for those who buy from Ricable Custom there is the possibility to request a refund or replacement of the Hi-Fi product purchased.

You can request a refund or a replacement, without giving any explanation and in an extremely simple way; in the first case, you will get a quick refund of the same amount paid, with the same payment method, while in the second case the management of the replacement will be totally free and handled by our courier. We can also agree on the best day for you to make the collection.

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How does it work in detail?

1. Place an order for one or more products on this site.
2. Receive the order, and from that moment you have 60 days to make all your evaluations.
3. If for any reason you decide to return one or more products to us, simply open a ticket in your private area, requesting the return.
4. We will send a courier at our expense to pick up the piece.
5. Once the item has been returned, we will immediately refund the order or assist you with the product exchange, if you prefer this option.

What are you waiting for? Search now in our catalog the best cable for your system and remember:
if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are never bound to keep it.