Ricable Custom: not only e-commerce, but also guides for DIY and Hi-Fi installation

Ricable Custom is finally online to the delight of all DIYers and Hi-Fi installers. The site was created with the aim of offering cables of the highest quality, giving you the opportunity to finish them yourself. You will be able to choose for yourself the length of cables and the type of connectors to create the cable best suited to what you need. Our philosophy has as its fundamental principle the perfect balance between performance, aesthetics and price. From this comes the quality factor, which is the highest index for choosing a cable. Ricable Custom is the most comprehensive site for Hi-Fi DIY.

First-rate catalog and warranties for DIY Hi-Fi construction

Custom Power S8P - Hi-Fi Audio Power Cable 3 x 8 mm² Triple Shielded AM-RCC

The catalog includes everything a DIYer can expect, including speaker, power, signal, coaxial and HDMI cables, all by the meter. Spikes, cable socks and a wide variety of accessories complete the picture. At Ricable Custom you can also find all warranties already appreciated in Ricable, such as the statutory two-year warranty; the lifetime warranty (which is automatically triggered if you make your purchase on this site, while it is super easy to activate if you buy in a physical store-such as a from the many authorized dealers - or another digital store); the "money back" one , for which you can make a free return (again, this is a service exclusive to those who buy directly from the site). Finally, unfailing is our constant support, available at any time by opening a report ticket from your control panel or contacting us thanks to the chat that can be activated in the lower left corner of the screen.

Supporting articles and video tutorials coming soon on Ricable Custom

The production processes of Custom products are rigorous and monitored in every aspect. Moreover, thanks to tight quality control, every Ricable Custom product has very high production standards, guaranteed for life by Ricable. This is why we offer the best choice to so many potential customers, which can be divided into four major categories:

  • Private DIYers eager to build their own Hi-Fi or home cinema cables.
  • Hi-Fi installers looking for cables that can have easy access in conduits and perform well even when dealing with rather large distances.
  • Event setters, who handle instruments that need specific treatment at the wiring level so that the event being set up is not a flop.
  • Car audio enthusiasts who want cables capable of adapting to a particular context such as the automobile.

Ricable Custom is a site dedicated to Hi-Fi DIY, however it aims to go beyond the usual e-commerce site, not only supporting the customer after a problem has arisen. But also before, in the process, when the DIYer is at work on what he has purchased. How? Through numerous and varied guide articles that will be published over the coming months, accompanied by illustrative videos to guide you step by step in the execution of what you intend to do. Now there really is nothing left to do but to throw yourself headlong into exploring all the products at Ricable Custom to check if there is anything you might need!

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