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Music never goes on vacation: Ricable Custom will remain open all August

Music never goes on vacation, and therefore Ricable Custom will remain open throughout the month of August. So many of you are asking us, and we felt it was only right to reiterate this with a tailored post. Therefore, our main services will remain in place, namely:

  1. Order fulfillment on the sites, e
  2. Sales and technical support via phone, email, WhatsApp and online chat
  3. Pickup at our office during scheduled hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), subject to telephone or written confirmation

We wish, to all those who are going, happy vacations. Instead, we invite others to write or visit us, while respecting all regulations related to the Covid-19 pandemic health emergency, which still provides for a state of emergency. Each shipment will be made with the care and celerity that are the hallmark of Ricable Custom; it will also be prepared with all necessary measures so that it is packed in a sterile and sanitized environment.

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